I’m a very goal driven person. If i don’t have a goal in mind, I become way less motivated and generally start to feel bit lost.
it often happens after completing climbing objectives. But can also come from finishing a long period of studying, a big load of work, etc etc. You feel happy, relieved and excited that the process has finished, but then anywhere from a minute to a month later, that sinking feeling claws back and you feel lost.

After climbing Century Crack, 4 years ago, it was the first time i’d experienced this and after coming back from Yosemite in 2014 I really did hit an ultimate low. It’s seems ridiculous why this would happen after coming back off an amazing climbing trip to amazing people, you think you would be psyched out your mind. But, there aren’t any highs without the lows and without experiencing the lows the highs wouldn’t be as good. So, I’ve come to learn it’s important to accept them.

Its difficult going from some crazy bearded El cap mission, to…

...a dank rainy Sheffield

You could describe it as a pan of water above a flame. strange analogy, I know! But read below.
There is a spark of an idea or goal which lights a flickering flame below a pan of water. The flame grows and grows. The water bubbles and boils. Eventually it becomes uncontrollable and the boiling water spills over the edge of the pan and puts out the flame, leaving the fire extinguished and the pan of water half empty from all the spillage.
The fire is your goal and the water is your psyche and motivation. With this in mind, I’ve come to realise, you have to give the pan of water chance to re-fill (motivation) and the spark of a flame to re-ignite (the goal).

Sometimes the goal becomes massive…the psyche will follow

Having come to these conclusions, coming back from my big trip in Yosemite this year has been easy! I’ve given myself time to chill out, not been worried that I should have something to aim for and just let things simmer away nicely.

Moving in to the new year I’m now psyched to have new goals, aims and projects. I have work related projects, non climbing related projects and also some exciting climbing ideas with Randall.
We’ve dusted off the old Wide Boyz blog and it’s up and running here… http://wideboyz.blogspot.com.es/2015/12/wide-boyz-blog-is-up-and-running-again.html