I've done climbing slideshows all over the UK from Kendal Mountain Film Festival and The London Outdoor Show, to local climbing clubs and climbing walls. Further afield I have spoken in Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Poland) and in Canada at The Banff Film and Book Festival.


Wideboyz 1 – Century Crack

In 2009, inspired by an old ‘On The Edge’ magazine article, myself and climbing partner Tom Randall hatched a plan to go and climb the hardest offwidths in the world and importantly establish the hardest.

The talk illustrates how Tom and I went from having no offwidthing experience to be able to attempt one of the hardest cracks in the world. The slideshow takes you on an offwidthing mission of, success, failure, motivation, adaptions of unique training regimes and finally the ultimate show down in America.

Wideboyz 2 – The Slender Gentlemen

After two years of brutal offwidthing, Tom and I had learnt a lot about training, motivation and goal setting.

After a year of healing offwidthing wounds we took the lessons learnt and applied our knowledge to the thinnest crack climbs in the world and ultimately to climb ‘The Cobra Crack’.

The talk illustrates how we adapted our knowledge, learnt from offwidthing and applied it to a different genre of crack climbing. From training trips to Italy, Sweden (and Tom’s garden) to dealing and overcoming injury setbacks and finally the talk ends with an intense 3 week trip to battle The Cobra.

Wideboyz 3 – Beards, Bagels and Bigwalls

After climbing some of the hardest cracks world wide, Tom and I looked to seek out bigger adventures. Combining all crack skills together we set out a challenge of being the first people to climb the 3000’ El Capitan with no falls.

The talk illustrates that despite being able to crack climb there are many other issues and subtleties to learn when living 2000’ off the ground for 5 days. The journey starts with crazy endurance based climbing challenges, mistakes and misjudgements from The Wall and finally finishes with the team work and skills that are needed to overcome such a challenge.

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